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New Studio


My general plan/checklist is as follows:
  • Design general layout
  • Purchase materials
  • Add two additional roof supports
  • Repair brickwork internally pointing/filling
  • Fill any additional holes/airgaps around the roof using expanding foam
  • Add a layer of DPM under the roof (just in case)
  • Add 3 coats of Wickes Liquid DPM to the internal walls (vapour/moisture sealer)
  • Lay 100mm level concrete floor over the existing brick/DPM with 142 mesh reinforcing fabric spaced centrally
  • Construct a disconnected studwork frame 1" gap between outer walls inside using 45 x 96mm/40 x 85mm studwork and 45 x 175mm joists
  • Install extraction fan
  • Fill all cavities with Rocksilk RS60 100mm mineral wool
  • Line with plasterboard 3 layers of 12.5mm (drywall)
  • Add acoustic treatments (corner absorbers first)



Any advice regarding the following areas is appreciated:
  • Floor construction
  • Ventilation
  • Door construction
  • Materials
Amongst other things

Here is a pdf showing the shell:

Here is the work-in-progress plan:

Here is my WIP costing spreadsheet:

Solidworks eAssembly file:

Solidworks eDrawings file:

You'll need the Solidworks eDrawing viewer to open these:

Images:  >> HERE << 


I have a discussion thread over at the StudioTips forum a valuable resource for advice regarding room acoustics and studio design:

Some links for my reference:- Information/Tips:
Studio build tips:
John Sayers' Recording Studio Design Forum:

STUDIO BUILD DIARIES - for reference:-

Duncan JP's studio build: 

Paul's studio build: DETAILS
Paul's studio build Images:

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Some information for reference:
For Rockwool/Rocksilk etc. use a density of either 45kg/m3 or 60kg/m3 - any denser is a waste of money. Paul Woodlock

Construction Tips:

Structural design tools:

Forum Threads about Fans:


Concrete reinforcing

Travis Perkins:

Ely Readymix Plant - Henry Crabb Road, Littleport Ind. Est.  Ely  CB6 1SE
01733  270870


Just Fans:
Ruck Fans:

Ventilation system (studiotips):

Acoustic materials:

Acoustic Measurement Software
ETF5: http://www.acoustisoft.coml

My notes:

If GreenGlue to be included-

Area or coverage required:
Side walls  2 x 138 ft^2  276 ft^2
Back wall   = 106 ft^2
Front wall   = 60  ft^2 
Ceiling   187 ft^2 
   TOTAL 629 ft^2 

Approximate amount required:
629 / 150 = 4.1 cases of 12
(above based on 150 ft^2 per case of 12 tubes)